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A touch of Deep Love

A touch of Deep Love

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I was lucky enough to experience the first women's retreat. wow. what a day. truly blessed to share laugh cry with lovely ladies all willing to embrace the day. the organisers are friendly warm and passionate about what they do. you will arrive feeling welcomed and leave feeling blissful.

What sets A touch of Deep Love apart from the others? The lady behind it all Latoya ♥️ Each like, comment and share isn’t just number or target to her. Latoya takes notice and genuinely values each person who contributes to her Deep Love community.
A touch of Deep Love first came into our lives for my mums 60th and again for my 30th.
Recently I was fortunate enough to attend their first women’s retreat with my mum and sister in beautiful Maleny. Latoya created such a safe and sacred space I couldn’t help but find peace to reconnect with my mind, body and soul. The other staff and women attending the retreat were all amazing. There was loads of laughter, a few tears in some raw and tender moments and no shortage of support as we each went through our own journey. Some ‘me’ time was exactly what I needed.
I can’t recommend this retreat enough. I don’t think it matters where you are at in your life, there is definitely something to be gained for everyone attending this women’s retreat.

I experienced A touch of Deep Love  women's retreat last Saturday and it has taken this long for me to adequately verbalise how I feel and still having time to reflect I'm not sure my words will give it justice. 

At first I was a bit anxious about having so much time "off", no chores, no planning, no do-ing. Just being! However, being surrounded by nature and other women with supporting, encouraging energy, I soon began to enjoy being. No time watching and just going with the flow. Blissfully getting lost in creative activities like floral crown making and painting. Connecting with so many other beautiful souls and just sharing the journey of life together with love.

The yoga, Labrinth and particularly the chi gong was so therapeutic. The only thing missing from this Devine day of serendipitous magic is a teleporter to transport me home afterwards because I was just so zen'd out! lol!

Much love and support to Latoya and all the other ladies who made the day amazing. Deepest gratitude

This past weekend I had the great good fortune of attending the launch of A Touch of Deep Love Retreats. To say it was a superb, nourishing, beautiful and amazing experience is an understatement. For anyone wanting to connect, or reconnect with them selves this is the place for you. The feeling of being 100% nurtured, safe, supported, honoured and loved was like the softest, warmest  blanket on the coldest, dreariest day. No matter what your age is, what your circumstances are, what your belief system may or may not be, or where you are in your life A Touch of Deep Love has your name all over it. I just couldn’t recommend it any more highly or with any more sincerity.