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A touch of Deep Love

A touch of Deep Love

About Us

Love, Creativity & Passion

My name is Latoya and I am the owner and founder of A touch of Deep Love. My Deep Love journey started in 2016 with the launch of my company Deep Love Picnics. I had a passion for creating beautiful experiences that were good for the soul and connected us with those closest to our hearts. Prioritising love, moments and memories.

Discovering Our 'WHY'

Have you ever reflected back over a life event and wondered 'Why me?' I felt like a lot of my life I caught myself wondering what purpose the universe had for me.
In 2018 I fell pregnant with my fourth baby. I was running two businesses, a busy household and three very active children. I unfortunately suffered serious pregnancy complications which led to battling some awful health issues and depression. My beautiful son was then born with a lung disease, requiring breathing support and multiple surgeries, it was touch and go but my incredible miracle man is now a beautiful ball of chunky goodness.
During this time I threw myself into survival mode, my family needed me and there was not a second to spare with such a busy schedule. Time to process and heal was not an option. Unfortunately for me, this led to hitting the lowest of lows, I was at rock bottom. I learnt the hard way that if we neglect the love and care that we as women require to keep our hearts and souls happy, that things quickly fall apart. I looked around me at the absence of my 'Village' and thought to myself, 'This is my why' I am re-colonising! 

Sharing the Journey

I quickly discovered that there were many women who were feeling the same way. Wondering why their lives didn't look like everyone's beautiful Highlight reel that we see all over social media. Sitting, feeling just as isolated and alone, wondering 'why me'.
Everyday there is more room for self discovery, for nourishment, for love and for care.
This is a journey you do not have to take alone. Each retreat is conducted by like minded women and mothers who want you to discover your inner goddess and know just how glorious you really are!