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A touch of Deep Love

A touch of Deep Love

A touch of Deep Love

A touch of Deep Love

Recognising the need for self love and self care. The need to invest in a relationship with yourself and the ones we love. 


Recognising the need for self love and self care. The need to invest in a relationship with yourself and the ones we love. 

Love, Nourishment & Empowerment

Set amoung the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland awaits an offering of Love, Nourishment & Empowerment. An experience of Deep Immersion, self discovery, self love and divine relaxation.   

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Hello & Welcome


My name is Latoya and I am the owner and operator of A touch of Deep Love. I started my journey by launching Deep Love Picnics in 2016. The launch of the business came from a creative dream of mine to create and style luxury outside, among our beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches and hinterland. I wanted to provide my clients with a space where they could disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern day living and escape to a place where they were able to reconnect with the ones that they love, were able to laugh, relax and indulge in comfort. 

 Early in 2019 I decided to take my business in a new direction and follow a passion for women's empowerment. Creating sacred spaces where we as women could come together in unity, create a village and love and support one another fiercely. 

Often as women, investment in ourselves goes unprioritized and can be left at the bottom of our ever growing 'to do' lists. My goal is to help women see the importance of 'filling their cup' and investing in themselves and just how much a little  time out and soul nourishment  not only benefits themselves but their beautiful families also. 

Latoya X

Launch of Love


A full day or weekend on a secluded Sunshine Coast Hinterland property, spent amongst incredible women, growing, learning and discovering. The Retreat will include; Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Dried Floral Workshops, Art classes, a self love photo shoot, guest speakers, Goddess Baths, Women's circles, Kundalini Dance, Shamanic sound healing, soul nourishing catering and refreshments and finishing with live music and a three course meal under the stars.

'What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn
That since day one she's already had everything she needs within herself, it's the world that convinced her she did not.' -Rupi Kaur

nourish your soul


It is all about creating a space for like minded women to come together, create a village, friendships and conversations. A day or three, for self care, self love, mindfulness and healing. Time to nourish our soul and invest in our incredible selves. A touch of Deep Love brings you full day & weekend, women's retreats to the Sunshine Coast.

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A touch of Deep Love

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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